Get intasilks! - Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock is a new concept in exercise. Using a low hanging silk hammock, it combines the best elements of yoga, fitness, and aerial circus to give a unique full body work out with a difference.

Whether you already lead an active lifestyle or you’re just getting started, our Aerial Hammock classes can benefit everyone.

  • Targets all major muscle groups to increase core / muscle strength and endurance
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Develops flexibility and joint mobility
  • Enhances mood and promotes calmness of mind
  • Gentle inversion techniques can improve posture and alignment giving the spine the care and attention it deserves
  • Allows you to perform assisted neck, head, hand and shoulder stands in a safe and effective way
  • The height of the hammock and stirrups can be altered to each student’s range giving the best possible workout

What to Expect

In an Aerial Hammock class, students may notice a remarkable increase in flexibility, strength and tone as they move through an array of yoga poses, exercises and beautiful acrobatic tricks.

Each 1 hour class consists of a warm up, strength and flexibility training, yoga poses and sequences, fitness workout, and acrobatic tricks and rolls, followed by a cool down.

Take your exercise program to new heights and come flying with us in our Aerial Hammocks.



8 week term = £100*

Payment in full will secure your place.

Check out our weekly timetable to see class availability.

Numbers in each class are limited so register now to secure your place by phoning: 07516 692247 or emailing:

*Unfortunately no refunds/exchanges can be made.