Frequently asked questions

Am I too old / not fit enough?

Our fitness classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. YOU monitor your own pace so each class is as hard or as easy as you choose to make it.

I have a sports injury / heart problem / musculoskeletal or other health concerns

Before starting any fitness class it is recommended that you check with your GP or specialist if you have any health concerns. Our classes involve a level of physical exertion so it’s important to ensure you are fit enough to participate.

Can I attend your fitness classes if I’m pregnant / have recently given birth?

It is not recommended to start an inta-pole, inta-hoop or inta-silks class if you are currently pregnant. However, if you have been participating in these classes prior to becoming pregnant then you are okay to continue with the classes until Trimester 2, if approved by your GP. Please check with your GP if you are suitable to continue.

Certain pre-natal exercise classes may be suitable. Please check with your GP before starting.

Post-pregnancy, it is recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks after a normal delivery, and at least 12 weeks after a caesarean section or delivery involving complications before commencing any exercise. Please gain approval from your GP before starting.


How many people are there in a class?

You can expect up to 10 people in an inta-pole, inta-hoop or inta-silks class. There will only ever be 1 person per pole and aerial silk hammock, with 2 people per aerial hoop. Bootcamp and Boxercise classes can vary in size.


What should I bring / wear?

We advise that you bring a towel and also a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the classes.

  • inta-pole - For Beginner level, we recommend a T-shirt / vest top, bottoms and trainers. For Intermediate levels and above, wearing shorts is necessary to help in gripping the pole.
    It is important that NO moisturisers, lotions, oils or fake tan are applied to your skin prior to each class. These will make it very difficult for you to safely grip the pole. All jewellery, especially rings, must be removed before each class as such items are likely to cause damage to the pole.
  • inta-hoop and inta-silks – we recommend a short / long-sleeved T-Shirt and long stretchy bottoms, preferably leggings. Vests / tank tops are not advisable. Again NO moisturisers, lotions, oils, fake tan or heavy makeup should be applied prior to each class, and all jewellery should be removed to prevent damage to the equipment.

Is it okay to eat before attending a class?

Eating a large meal within 1 hour of a class is not recommended. A small snack to give you energy is fine.