Get intahoop!


Aerial Hoop, also known as lyra, is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling. It can be used static, spinning or swinging, allowing performers to explore space in three-dimensions. The ability to incorporate movement through vertical and horizontal planes, as well as spinning, allows for inspired uniqueness and advances in choreography and movement.

  • Targets all major muscle groups to increase core / muscle strength and endurance
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Develops flexibility and joint mobility
  • Allows you to perform gymnastic, acrobatic, static and dynamic movements and tricks to improve your range of motion and functional strength
  • The height of the hoop can be adjusted to each student's range giving the best possible workout


What to Expect

Our Aerial Hoop classes provide a dynamic and challenging way to get a full body workout, and as they are so much fun it doesn't even feel like you are working out.

Lessons are structured to cater to varying levels, from the absolute beginner to the aspiring circus artist, with moves and exercises allowing for progression to higher ability levels.

Each 1 hour class consists of a warm up, dynamic stretching and mobility, strength and flexibility training, acrobatic tricks and flips, dance choreography, followed by a cool down.

Why not get fit whilst hanging around with our Aerial Hoop classes.



8 week term = £90*

Payment in full will secure your place.

Check out our weekly timetable to see class availability.

Numbers in each class are limited so register now to secure your place by phoning: 07516 692247 or emailing: 

*Unfortunately no refunds can be made.